2012 Conference in Belgium

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09.-14. September 2012 Antwerp/Belgium


welcome adress by GenMaj Vindevogel (10 kb)

welcome adress by MajGen Hendrickx (311 kb)

welcome address by Johan VD Eeckhout (45 kb)

welcome address of the president (38 kb)

Introduction topic AMI 2012-2014 (162 kb)

report by the president (128 kb)

report by the liaison officer (744 kb)

report by the secretary general (3 mb)

notes presenataion secretary general (187 kb)

AKS report on conference theme (102 kb)

lecture by LtCol Christoph Auer / bravery and honoring the ultimate sacrifice (89 kb)

LtCol Christoph Auer / Speech (92 kb)

lecture by Col GS MMag DDr Phil Andreas Stupka / fear and anxiety on the battlefield (3,1 mb)

lecture by Chaplain Wim Smit / commemoration, intergenerational consequences of war and Christian hope in times of trauma (171 kb)

my witness by Deacon Neil Galloway (44 kb)

lecture by Hans Ausloos / old testament perspectives on commemoration (971 kb)

lecture by Mr. Hein van Oorschot (34 kb)

presentation by BrigGen Arie Vermeij/ how to overcome fear and dead on the battlefield by trusting in god our hope (1,8 mb)

presentation by Pascal Limpens (2,7 mb)

lecture by the institute for veterans (7 mb)

lecture by Gerald Kindermans, member of the Flemish Parliament (286 kb)

the Belgian Military Chaplaincy (2,5 mb) 

After Action Review by Fr. Matt Pawlikowski (105 kb)

After Action Review by Brigadier General Fr. Pat Dolan (113 kb)

report Military Academy (343 kb)

speech by Mrs Berx, Governor of the Province of Antwerp (76 kb)

AMI report Netherlands/ACOM 2012 (63 kb)

Prospects of Peace and Development in the Philippines (168 kb)

closing address by the president (135 kb)

summary conference 2012 (1,5 mb)