International Military Mass 2020 for World Peace Day in Cologne

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Church services: International Military Service for the World Peace Day (16.01.2020)

On January 16, 2020 at 9 a.m., with about 1,200 military personnel, the International Military Service for the World Day of Peace took place in the High Cathedral of Cologne with Archbishop Rainer Maria Cardinal Woelki. The peace service has been followed by a reception in Maternushaus for invited guests at the presence of the Major of Cologne city, Cardinal Woelki and the Military Vicar General.

This International Mass has a long tradition because it has been decided by the Community of the German Catholic Soldiers (GKS) and the Apostolat Militaire International (AMI) in 1975 in Rome, on the occasion of a pilgrimage of soldiers during the Holy Year, to organize events at the beginning of each year on World Peace Day.

This tradition has continued over time until today thanks to the convinced belief of the entire Catholic military community in world peace.

As usual, even this year AMI Executive Committee (Vice-Adm Matthieu Borsboom, Col. Domenico D’Ortenzi and Capt. Frank Marcus) participated at this big event and it was the right opportunity to further strengthen relations with our German and Austrian comrades and all nations present.