Prelate Walter Theis passed away

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Former Ecclesiastical Assistant of the GKS, Mr. Walter Theis, leading military dean, passed away completely unexpectedly. 

From 1981 to 2001, Prelate Theis took lots of different roles within the German Catholic military community.

He was also involved in and for the Apostolate Militaire International (AMI), through which Catholic soldiers were given their own audible voice in the universal church. His language skills and his experience abroad from the United States as a military chaplain were of particular benefit to him. 

As a priest of the diocese of Mainz, Prelate Theis spent his well-deserved retirement, to which he was transferred in 2003 after 35 years in the service of military pastoral care, in his home diocese of Mainz where he died in the second week of November 2020. 

AMI community honors the memory of Prelate Walter Theis and ask our Lord and God to grant him eternal peace.