Advent season 2020

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Four priests, French military chaplains involved in the armed forces on a daily basis, sing the glory of God.

Military Chaplain Maarten Schriks.

The Netherlands contributes to NATO’s enhanced military presence in Lithuania, known as the Enhanced Forward Presence. It concerns 270 soldiers for a multinational battle group. The battalion of which the Netherlands is part is under German command and is stationed in Rukla. Maarten Schriks celebrated last year Christmas with the military stationed in Lithuania.

(20-12-2020) Food and hygiene items donated by PASFA (Association for the Spiritual Assistance of the Italian Armed Forces) were delivered to a family house in Leskoc – Kosovo. The project was presented by the military chaplain Stefano Tollu and Col. Figus (Regional Command West in Kosovo). The family house in Leskoc is taking care of 18 orphans and helps around 200 families in need.