The way of the cross: Via Crucis 2023

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The Apostolat Militaire International community wishes you a good Holy Easter week with the Via Crucis 2023 edited by AMI member nations from 4 continents.

“Along the way of the cross experienced by those who are scourged and crucified in our world, we discovered at their side and beneath the weight of their cross, that the true King is the one who gives of himself and is given as food, body and soul. Lord Jesus, you were scourged in body and spirit.” Pope Francis 15 April 2022.

This year, all of the stations of Via Crucis 2023 took inspiration from the thoughts, phrases and meditations of Blessed Carlo Acutis in the hope of being of help to Catholic lay military around the world in the fulfillment of their service.

In the following link, it is possible to download the script in pdf version.


Videoclip, short version

Videoclip, full version