2025 AMI Conference in Manila (The Philippines)

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Thanks to the hospitality and invitation of the Military Bishop of the Philippines, Most Reverend Oscar Jaime Florencio, on 08-10 April 2024, the AMI Executive Committee went to Manila (The Philippines) for the organisation of the 60th General Assembly and Annual Conference in September 2025. During the visit, it was possible to define the venue, to draft the theme and the related sub-topics, and to visit the main locations in Manila.

Furthermore, the AMI Executive Committee met in Manila the Deputy Chief of the Staff of the Filipino Armed Forces, that assured the maximum support for the event of the Apostolat Militaire International community.

Please save the following dates: AMI Conference 2025 – the fourth week of September 2025 (dates to be officially presented during the AMI Conference 2024 in Mombasa – Kenya). 

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General information on the host nation and place of AMI Conference 2025

Period: the fourth week of September 2025

VenueMicrotel by Wyndham UP Technohub

Website: https://www.wyndhamhotels.com/

Address: Microtel by Wyndham UP Technohub, Commonwealth Avenue UP Ayala Land Technohub, Quezon City, 1121, Philippines

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Action Plan (v. 3.35) (as at 13 May 2024)

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