AMI Emblem

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The meaning of the AMI emblem

Catholic soldiers are not only servants of security and freedom of their country, but they are also responsible for the peace in the world. They therefore form of their own free will a supranational lay organization: the “APOSTOLAT MILITAIRE INTERNATIONA (AMI)”

The crossed swords in the AMI emblem are the symbol of the soldiership, of the “MILITARY”, of the “ARMY” in the wide sense as a traditional sign exceeding all the armed forces.

The third sword is put perpendicular to these crossed swords and by this way the XP, the sign of Christ, is created. According to the catholic soldiers` understanding of theirselves soldiers are servants of “the security and freedom of their fellow-countrymen” and of the apostolate (Gaudium et spes, No 79). This interpretation enables to associate terms such as prevention of war, securing the peace, national defence as well as freedom and peace, rights and dignity of man.

Catholic soldiers join together under this sign wishing to maintain peace in freedom and to prevent wars and their causes. At the same time they are instrumental in promoting and developing a peace which is created by righteousness and which creates welfare for all peoples.