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AMI in one page

AMI is a lay organization, governed by the General Assembly of delegates (AMI Statute) made up of the Executive Committee (EC) and the delegates of 18 full members, 2 open memberships and 19 friends associated from 4 different continents.

The purposes of AMI, based also on its NGO status, are: to promote at the national and international level the affirmation of a Christian vision of military life and of the values that characterize this vision; to promote and support international understanding and cooperation, as a contribution to strengthening peace; to study together, in the light of the Gospel and the teachings of the Church, the spiritual, moral and social problems peculiar to the military sphere.

For these reasons, for the four-year period 2018-2021, AMI has adopted the so-called AMI Vision Paper which defines the vision of AMI on different layers of advice:

  • reaching the individual soldier through social media according to his/her age (AMI website in 6 different languages, Newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp), keep working with associations of lay catholic soldiers and Military Ordinariates. In this regard, recently AMI signed a contract to build an AMI Application for smartphones to communicate with the individual soldier, with daily encouragement as well as questions and answers about the contemporary world challenges facing our military members and their families;
  • providing AMI expertise and its military support to the Vatican and Catholic-inspired NGOs, as the interlocutor to advise on generic issues of military life such as about war and peace, living the social teaching of the church or the legitimate use of violence for a greater cause;
  • Involvement World Youth day; best practice Lay organization; use of sports as a means; ethics of military capabilities; the impact of military life on families.

Such advice can be helpful in three categories: delivering the military context from a Catholic perspective, anticipating in the development of contemporary Catholic teaching on (just) war and peace or compliance with and enforcement of human rights by military personnel, inserting real-life topics from soldiers to the strategic level.

AMI VISION: EXPANDING CIRCLESfocus is Information Exchange and Encouragement in the faith. To achieve that, we can use a multi-faceted approach of concentric circles of activity.

First circle: the individual soldier, with his/her own values, own thoughts, and own experiences.

Second circle: network of family and friends where soldiers live dealing with many relevant issues.

Third circle: working environment. The military organizations and their lay military catholic associations, including the Military Ordinariates. In all three of these circles, Military Chaplains are often the first ones to listen to and support the individual soldier in his/her worries and questions.

Fourth circle: Nations are important for soldiers for pride, culture, and governance. Within that, they can operate together to deliver peace.

Fifth circle: Multinational organizations provide the resolutions to act upon and the Vatican provides a framework for questions on war and peace.

Through the AMI Action Plan and in order to support the Vatican and Catholic-inspired NGOs, AMI has been equipped with a pool of advisors out of the AMI participants, whose key competencies include all the following: military experience, Catholic/Christian background, fluency in English and communicative, diplomatic and analytical. Besides, AMI can rely on a Strategic Communication board and Quarterly discussion group within the community to face and deepen constantly new and old issues in preparation to support both AMI annual meetings and the Catholic community.

To learn more about our organization, we recommend you to refer to the drop-down menu called “Documents” and “Archives” where you can find everything you need to gather information on AMI.

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