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AMI was founded in Santiago de Compostela in Spain, by Catholic military personnel of 10 countries. They felt the need for a means of disseminating and putting into practice the ideals of Catholic military personnel both in the armed forces and in public life, encouraging all those devoted to serving their homeland and doing their duty in a manner that will truly help to bring peace. It is officially recognised by the Holy See as a Catholic International Organisation and is a member of the Conference of ICOs.


AMI strives to promote the establishment of the Christian view of military life and its values; to foster international understanding and cooperation as a means of building up world peace; in the light of the Gospel and the teaching of the Church to address spiritual, ethical, moral and social issues of specific relevance to military life. AMI pursues these aims by organising international meetings and events, such as congresses and pilgrimages, by constantly circulating ideas and experiences among the member associations, and by cooperating with other institutions working in the cause of peace.


AMI is governed by the General Assembly of delegates made up of the Executive Committee and the delegates of the member associations, which meets once a year; the Executive Committee is elected by the General Assembly that is made up of the President, the Secretary General and Ecclesiastical Assistant, to manage day-to-day affairs and relations with other international organisations and with the Holy See. AMI has both affiliated (full) members and associate members.



Full members
* Germany
* Austria
* Belgium
* The Netherlands
* France
* Great Britain
* Spain
* Portugal
* Italy
* Croatia
* Nigeria
* Kenya
* Ghana
* Colombia
* Philippines
* Slovenia

Friends / Associated
* Switzerland
* Estonia
* Latvia
* Romania
* Dominican Republic
* South Korea
* Norway
* Denmark
* Sweden
* Canada
* Indonesia
* Czech Republic
* Hungary
* Poland
* Ukraine
* Peru
* Chile
* Argentina
* South Africa

Still open membership:
* Lithuania
* Slovakia
* Bosnia-Herzegovina