Konferenz 2019 in Österreich

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Infos und nützliche Links

General information on the host nation and place of AMI Conference 2019

Adresse: Hinterleiten 22 – A- 2651 REICHENAU a.d. RAX

Castle of Reichenau

Reichenau an der Rax (wikipedia)

Austria (wikipedia)


Invitation of the Austrian Military Bishop

Invitation AMI Conference to the Castle of Reichenau, Austria

Program of AMI Conference 2019

AMI Conferences rotation scheme

AMI-App Questions and Answers (Q&As) (NEU!)

Registration form

List of delegates: to be sent via e-mail (not yet available)

2019 AMI Working Groups: topic and food for thought (not yet available)

Vorträge und Ergebnisse

To be followed


To be followed