2016 Conference in The Netherlands

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18.-23. September 2016 Vught/Netherlands


Invitation of H.E. Mons J. Punt (832 kb)

Invitation AMI Conference Vught (261 kb)

Letter of invitation to the bishops (272 kb)

Program AMI Conference 2016 (175 kb)

List of delegates (501 kb)

Final results 2016 AMI Conference (154 kb)

Press release (235 kb)

Report of the President (146 kb)

Presentation to the Report of the President (908 kb)

Report of the SecGen (128,9 mb)

Notes Presentation SG (129 kb)

Opening Address AMI President (120 kb)

Closing Address AMI President (110 kb)

Lecture A The meaning of mercy in military life by General Peter van Uhm (390 kb)

Lecture B Speech H.E. Freistetter (2,3 mb)

Lecture C, by H.E. Santo Marciano (553 kb)

Lecture by Fred van Iersel (582 kb) 

Presentation Fred van Iersel, AMI as an NGO (114 kb)

Refugees in the light of Laudato Si (3,5 mb)

Speech of H.E. Santo Marchiano (506 kb)

Lecture Lady Jane Gottardi (1,4 mb)

Military Council of Catholic Women (8,2 mb)

Speech by Cpt. Mgr. Luboslav Farkas (247 kb)

Presentation byCpt. Mgr. Luboslav Farkas (3,8 mb)

Lecture of Don Porri (699 kb)

Presentation Ron Geenen (1,9 mb)

Presentation of Tom van Vilsteren (613 kb)

Word of welcome by Rear Admiral Henk Itzig Heine (487 kb)

AMI Liturgy (456 kb)

Report of the Nigerian Chaplaincy (99 kb)

Vespers by Chaplain Frank Steijger (103 kb)

Boat Tour Den Bosch (1,6 mb)

Summary of the AMI General Assembly (642 kb)

AMI Working Group 1 Summary (425 kb) 

AMI Working Group 2 Summary (507 kb)

AMI Working Group 3 Summary (392 kb)

Future of AMI (625 kb)

Future of AMI ANNEX A (497 kb)