AMI Good practices in the formation of Catholic military laity

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« AMI good practices » (available in English, Italian and Spanish) written by Col. Domenico D’Ortenzi, Secretary General of the Apostolat Militaire International (AMI), has been recently presented as a Thesis for the 1st course for Catholic inspired NGOs’ operators held by The Holy See (Secretariat of the State) and the Pontifical Urban University in Rome in September 2020.

Here are the links: abstract and full document (English, Italian and Spanish version).


“The good practices of AMI in the formation of Catholic military laity” has many aims:

  • to examine the specificity of the status of Catholic military personnel and the need of spiritual assistance both at home and on missions abroad;
  • to meet the spiritual formation needs of military believers as peacemakers who contribute concretely to the stability of peace;
  • to revitalize and consolidate the formation of each AMI delegate to be guided towards the promotion and discernment of the vocation and mission of each of the lay military members and their family;
  • to assist the action of military chaplains and associations of military Catholics;
  • to offer the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life a clear list of actions on the subject of the training of Catholic military lay people. One helps the other.

Thanks to the experiences gained over time in the national and international field as well as in the tradition and efforts made by those who preceded us in the AMI since 1965 in the aftermath of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, the following is a list of good practices grouped into three macro-areas: dialogue, formation and cultural activities of the AMI Community, formation and spiritual support. Some food for thoughts are presented with relevant questions for personal and community reflection, as an itinerary to support and accompany the journey of specific military youth groups, to become a reference and prolific seed for the neighbor. Examples are:

  • Rediscovering the value of being peacemakers by valuing what is proposed in Gaudium et Spes no. 79:  » Those then who in the service of their country carry out their profession in the ranks of the army, should also consider themselves as servants of the security and freedom of their nations; if they carry out their duty correctly, they also truly contribute to the stability of peace »;
  • Reflect on the passage in Luke’s Gospel (7:2-3) concerning the « Healing of the centurion’s servant »;
  • The centurion under the cross: « Truly this was the Son of God! » (Mt. 27, 54; Mk. 15, 39; Lk. 23, 47), the first profession of faith reported by the evangelists, sincere, full, unconditional;
  • The digital world in the eyes of a young person: Blessed Carlo Acutis;
  • Analysis and in-depth study of situations and specific historical events: the sacrifice and example of soldiers of yesterday and today at the service of the community and their neighbour.